On May 6th of 1970, Humboldt State College’s administration organized a campus forum to discuss President Richard Nixon’s expansion into Cambodia. Almost 3,000 students and community members gathered on the Art quad in front of the Van Duzer theater for the rally. Nixon’s expansion into Cambodia occured on April 30th of the same year after he made promises to the general public to begin withdrawing troops from Vietnam. On May 7th, the Student Legislation Council (SLC) of the University decided to initiate a war protest for Humboldt County through nonviolent methodology. The student-organized strike included criteria that impacted the whole of the University; In the week duration of the protest (from May 11-15), the bell of Founders Hall would be rung four times every half hour. The American Flag was flown at half mast below two completely hoisted flags: black, to represent mourning, and a peace flag. To this date the Strike for Peace is the largest demonstration in Humboldt County’s history and drew support from HSC faculty and students as well as Humboldt Community members.